Club der Ehemaligen der deutschen SchülerAkademien

The Club der Ehemaligen der Deutschen SchülerAkademien is the alumni organisation of former participants of the Deutsche SchülerAkademien, the Deutsche JuniorAkademien, the JGW-Akademien, as well as the Naturwissenschaftliche Sommerakademien by the BASF.

Following the example of these academies, we organise our own events with a great variety of courses and a large range of extracurricular activities. Apart from these academies, we stay in contant through our local groups and several communication channels, as well as through our magazine exPuls, which is published twice each year.

My activities inside the CdE are mainly related to musical projects; we regularly organise choirs, smaller vocal ensembles, and music-theoretical courses. In March 2018, we shaped the first CdE-MusikAkademie.


The Neologismus was a free online magazine which was published between 2013 and 2018 at the beginning of each month. It was no professional journal for a specific topic but rather a publishing platform for all participating authors which collected their thoughts, insights, ideas and results of creative work in written or graphic form.

In principle, everyone who wants to publish something interesting could become author if they got in touch with one of the editors. I myself worked for the Neologismus from his beginning until his end as editor-in-chief.

Because of the variety of authors and their respective interests, the Neologismus offered no uniform opinion, but rather a wide range of topics. Thus, each edition contained contributions in the categories politic and society, science and technology (the German word ‘Wissenschaft’ includes other academic disciplines, such as philosophy, jurisdiction etc.), feuilleton, life and art.

On its still accessible website, all editions of the Neologismus can be found and freely downloaded as PDF. Moreover, you can use the search engine to find a specific article.

Vokalensemble des Collegium musicum Bonn

The Vokalensemble des Collegium musicum Bonn, which I joined in autumn 2018 as a baritone, was formed in the summer term 2017. It consists of roughly 30 active singers, mainly members of the ‘large’ choir of the University of Bonn, and prepares under the direction of Ansgar Eimann one large a cappella project each term.


Some of my friends also have their own website, to which I would like to link to here:

  • Philip Schwartz

    Philip is a theoretical gravitational physicist at the university of Hannover and also a member of the CdE. I learned from him the basics of category theory, and as a tenor, he sang with me in several choirs and ensembles together.

  • Jannik Buhr

    Jannik is a biochemist at the University of Heidelberg and also a member of the CdE as well as a former editor of the Neologismus. I know him since our time together at school.

  • Lukas Heimann

    Lukas is a business IT specialist in Heidelberg and also a member of the CdE as well as a former editor of the Neologismus. I also know him since our time together at school.

  • Michael Thies

    Michael ist a process technician in Aachen and also a member of the CdE as well as a former editor of the Neologismus. I also know him since our time together at school.

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Upcoming events
  • CdE-MusikAkademie
    29 Mar 2023 – 6 Apr 2023