Algebraic topology, music theory and more.

Current affiliation

I am a third year PhD student at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn under the supervision of Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer, in the area of algebraic topology. I am funded by the Max Planck Ins­titute for Mathematics in Bonn and am a member of the International Max Planck research school (IMPRS) on moduli spaces.

Research interests

My PhD project deals with coloured topological operads and their algebras, configuration spaces, and the phenomenon of homological stability, as well as mapping class groups, moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces and their homology.

More recently, I have been studying low-dimensional equivariant and parametrised cobordism categories and their homotopy type.

My co-authors are Andrea Bianchi from the university of Copenhagen and Jens Reinhold from the university of Münster.


In the summer term 2020, I co-organised a graduate seminar on Operads in Algebra and Topology together with Andrea Bianchi. Moreover, I have been tutor for the following topology lectures:

summer 2021 Algebraic Topology 2 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer
winter 2020/21 Algebraic Topology 1 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer
summer 2020 Algebraic Topology 2 Christoph Winges
winter 2019/20 Algebraic Topology 1 Wolfgang Lück
summer 2019 Topology 2 Daniel Kasprowski
winter 2018/19 Topology 1 Wolfgang Lück
summer 2018 Einführung in die Geometrie und Topologie Wolfgang Lück


Selected talks